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The most powerful bitcoin tax software on the planet

built for CPA's and investors with 1000+ transactions

(coming to mobile soon ..)

CoinSigma for Windows is unmatched in it's ability to calculate bitcoin taxes.  It instantly generates your crypto tax report and allows your to export to TurboTax or Excel.

Step 1: Import your transactions via API & CSV

50+ API integrations

CoinSigma can import trades, deposits , and withdrawals from nearly all major cryptocurrency exchanges via API integrations, making for the best crypto portfolio tracker in the world. Top exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, and many others.

Works great with Excel

Import transactions from CSV or Excel file with CoinSigma's flexible import tool. Export, Copy & Paste your crypto transactions easily from Excel

Accurate historical price data

CoinSigma has one of the most extensive historical price databases with prices for 30 000+ markets200+ exchanges, and 5 000+ coins, ensuring your transactions are backed by accurate prices for gains calculations.


Step 2: Enter Transactions manually


Excel-like manual data entry


Enter your transactions on a spreadsheet much like Excel. 

Copy & Paste directly from Excel.


Dashboards update immediately

​As you enter transaction details, all balances, profits, etc are updated automatically, allowing you to see the impact of each change immediately. This helps you capture your transactions correctly and with confidence.


Full control over cost basis

By default, the cost-basis is set automatically using our super-accurate historic cryptocurrency price database. However, you can override the cost-basis, allowing you fine control over gains calculations.

STEP 3: Get your crypto tax reports

Compare 8 Cost Basis Methods, (FIFO vs LIFO..)

The choice of cost-basis method can have a huge impact on how much tax you need to pay.  CoinSigma lets you compare the results and choose the most suitable method.

CoinSigma supports these cost-basis methods:

FIFO   First In, First Out

LIFO   Last In, First Out

HAFO Highest Amount, First Out

LAFO Lowest Amount, First Out

HCFO Highest Cost, First Out

LCFO Lowest Cost, First Out

HPFO Highest Price, First Out

LPFO Lowest Price, First Out

Export  to TurboTax, TaxAct, Drake, or Excel

Instantly generate crypto tax reports for TurboTax, TaxAct, Drake, Excel,

or even a pre-filled IRS form 8949